Britney's Graduation

Well, I’m not so sure anyone is even reading this blog anymore, but I do blog for me too, so here it goes.

Our trip to California was nearly three weeks long and very packed with many events and such. I’ll start at the beginning and work my way to the end. I’ll try not to bore you or overwhelm you with pictures although I make no promises whatsoever. We had a wonderful time and made some awesome memories that I know we’ll never forget, at least most of us.

We started out our trip with Grandma, Mom, and the boys. Grandma came with us to help in the car and assist me with the boys. She also came for the reunion and to have her own little vacation. We left Tuesday night and stayed in Mesquite, Nevada. We drove the rest of the way Wednesday in to San Diego.

We decided to make our trip one day earlier so that we could attend Britney’s graduation. She graduated from Mountain Empire High School on June 16, 2010. The graduation was a lot of fun and very different than any of the Utah high school graduations I’d been to. There were a whole lot of family and friends there to see her graduation. Tessa's mom and sisters were there, all of our little family was there, Aunt Linda came, and all of the Things and Dierkops. We had a great time and are proud of Britney and excited for her culinary arts adventures!

Britney was all smiles and excited to be done with High School!
The graduates lining up to get their diplomas.

Britney getting in line to have her name read and receive her diploma.
Britney all graduated and excited about life!


deany said…
Glad you guys had a good trip! Miss you! And I love the new layout, the picture is great.
Steph said…
I still read your blog! Can't wait to see more pics from your trip :)

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