Clegg Family Reunion 2010

Friday and Saturday were the Clegg family reunion. This year Lee Clegg’s family was in charge. Basically, that means Bonnie and Spencer. They held the reunion and Jean and Frank’s house in Guatay. It was a little bit different this year but we all had a really great time.
The boys and I stayed at Shannon and Tessa’s house that night. It was fun for Brady and Ryan to be able to spend a little more time together. In the morning we went back for the main day of the reunion. IT was really well planned with crafts, games, and swimming. My boys spent a lot of time jumping on the trampoline too. I took lots of pictures, so you can see how much fun we all had. Stacy wrote a nice summary of the reunion on her blog and since I read it, it's like I don't know what else to say. So, you can read more about it here!

Ryan and Brady riding the trike around the pool (various family members in the background)
Kara Judd
bunches of family enjoying the cool pool water
Evan wearing Spiderman floaties and rocking a nice koolaid mustache
kiddies in the pool
Alan with his two little girls Taylor and Brooke (sorry Alan, if you got creative with the spelling, I didn't and got it wrong)
Spencer conducting some nice entertainment for all ages.
Paul Dierkop
On the demonstration round, Spencer was the one to get wet!
Julia Derring, Brooke Dierkop, Bonnie Martin, Molly Dierkop, Allie Judd all laughing at this wet balloon (kind of like hot potato) game.
Arnel's wife Lisa with their daughter

Arnell looks on from the pool
Fern and Nathan Foti
Bobby Crocker and Paul Dierkop discussing important matters
Brady's ready for his turn!
Bonnie's helping her granddaughter Allie play
Evan checking out Jean's new chicks
Debbie did a really fun game of "Minute to Win It" with all who were brave enough to participate. It was really rediculous and really fun too. We all had a great time participating and spectating as well.
Molly won a nice purse prize.
Round two with the kids.
Round three: Brooke figuring out how the pasta game works
Julia and friends-of-Spencer's-kids
In this close up you can see that they had to take a spaghetti noodle in the mouth and pick up three pene noodles without using their hands.
The boys didn't get it.
Top three of the kids.
And Julia wins! She did a nice victory dance for us too!
So the adults wanted to get in on the action too. We had to do two heats since there were so many of us who wanted to participate.
And they're off!
Heat two
You see, we watched the kids so we knew what to do.
Not too hard but definitely ridiculous.
Yay! I was the first one done.
Lance Halladay and Dave Martin
This round they had to empty a tissue box as fast as they could. I just pictured my two year old destroying! Becca was really good at it, I bet she was a good mess maker, right Barbra?
You see what I mean?
Now wait a minute, heat two got totally jipped! We had to put Vaseline on our noses and transport cotton balls to another bowl. I could not figure out how to do this challenge and was knocked out. Tessa and Becca advanced to the most ridiculous challenge of all.

See, Tessa had it figured out.
But me, I couldn't get them to stay on my nose long enough to go over to the other side.
Tessa's a pro!
So for the final heat they had to tie a banana around their waist and roll a tennis ball about 10 feet up hill. Hillarious!
Becca won a $25 Wal Mart gift card.
Jean and Donna cooking dinner in dutch oven. You'd think they were crazy stacking them that high but it totally worked.
The craft this year was really cute. We made felt flowers for headbands. They turned out adorably.
Cheryl did an awesome job putting together this fun activty and many flowers were made throughout the day.


us said…
Since I was totally lame and didn't take any pictures, I need to get these from you. So much fun! It was great to visit with you and your boys.
Sandra said…
These pictures are great! Thanks for sharing! We play Minute to Win It games every week at my church group, and we love watching the summer episodes togther! If you have any videos, feel free to share them!!!

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