the Destroyer

Evan has a nickname at our house. It's "the Destroyer". I don't think I need to explain why we call him this, it seems pretty obvious. His big brother was often up to some of the same tricks as a toddler, and if you don't believe that one, I'll refer you to this post.

The other day I decided to have a fun day with the kids. For some reason, Evan was in a particularly destructive mood. In the morning before swimming lessons, he got into a brand new bottle of shaving cream and did a little art on his clothes and the kitchen floor. I got that mess cleaned up, went to swimming lessons, came home and fed the kids lunch, and took them to the pool. When we came home the boys wanted a snack so I gave them some cheez-its and Evan made a mess in my bedroom and in the basement. I made him vacuum them up and while I was finishing up that mess, he was busy getting started on another.

Some of you may know that I'm addicted to peanut butter. I love the stuff, I eat it on all sorts of yummy things. My favorite is peanut butter and apples. I think there was a post about that too. Some women love chocolate, my passion is peanut butter. It goes pretty well with chocolate, but I'd prefer it if I had to choose between the two. So much in fact, that I should probably cut it off my diet too. I've started posting with a friend on a weight loss blog, if you want to check that out too. But I digress, Anyhow, I'd made the mistake of leaving the top off of the peanut butter while I was cleaning up the cheez-its and here comes Evan. Covered from head to foot in peanut butter. I panicked! I screamed, I yelled, I grabbed my camera and starting taking photos. Then, I went upstairs to assess the damage and my phone was sitting there, so I took another picture thinking I could post it to face book. Then, I had an even more brilliant idea, take a video. So I did and this thing is so priceless it could be the next YouTube sensation all-a "charlie bit my finger". Ha ha!
Anyway, if you're not on face book (what, are you living under a rock or something) and haven't seen this yet, you'll HAVE to check it out!


Christie said…
Yep we must be related, that is the same kind of mess that we have around here just about daily, =)
Teresa said…
That's Awesome! I'm so glad it was you and not me because then I wouldn't be laughing. We need to hang out, what's your life look like in August?
My kids used to love to play with eggs and sugar. Ugh - big messes!

The scariest one was once Alec got into the bleach and I found him playing in it. That scared me to death!

They sure keep us on our toes, don't they?

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