Evan Quotes 2010

Evan has been talking like crazy lately and he says some of the FUNNIEST things, so here are some of his quotes too.

Bunga Bay- Cowabunga bay (Evan can see this water park from many different places on our daily route. Whenever he does, he shouts out, Bunga Bay!)

Gwama (grandma)
Pumpah (grandpa)

This July we took a trip to California. I was with the boys 24/7 so I took notes on some of the really funny things Evan said.

Cowfunga - (California)
One night right as Evan was falling asleep he said, "Grandma Beva put salt and pepper on my eggs, it taste good."

We were at a family reunion and Evan was telling everyone, when asked, that his name was Evan Dean. The kids thought he'd said, Evandee so we did sort of call him that as a new nickname. At the babysitters, he's often referred to as Bevan.

Me gonna spank you bare swat em
Ootahs- (Utah)

Mommy: What do you want for dinner?
Evan: A fruit snack, Mommy.

Pop a sicle (Popsicle)

Me Not!

It doesn't matter!

It's not my fault!

Ganilla bars
Mom, I'm glad that you're crazy

Evan loves going for a ride on the motorcycles with Uncle Justin, he loves it when he gets to go on a "Whole ride"

Scrubby ducky

September :
Getting my dress on instead of "Getting dressed"

Evan: Look mom there's your house,
Mom: "It's your house too"
Evan: No, it isn't. 
Mom: "Where do you live?"
Evan: In California

Inchda turtles- Ninja Turtles

Neck a rine Nectarine

This is a conversation Evan and I have had a hundred times over:
Evan: Mom, I have a question
Mom: What's that Evan?
Evan: I have an idea
Mom: What's your idea, Evan?
Evan: The idea is good
And, that's usually the end of it. 

I'm joining the lunch

What are you going to be for Halloween Mom? Barbie?

November & December:
Amitals- Animals

Evan loves dinosaurs, he knows lots of different types, and thanks to the show, Dinosaur Train, he also knows their habitats and diets.  I was informed one day after church that he was teaching the other kids in nursery about all of the different types of dinosaurs.  I love it when he says Brontosaurus and quetzalcoatlus.  He pronounces them perfectly.  Colin didn't even know there was such thing as a Quetzalcoatlus

The ice is slickery


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