Feeding the ducks

After Disneyland, we had a few days to hang out at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We just sort of took it easy and did little things around there. Grandma suggested going over to Lindo Lakes to feed the ducks. My mom, my Aunts and I had walked here before and I knew that Evan would really love all of the wildlife there, so we went! It was a great morning activity for us. We were really glad that we went.
This photo should have been fifth on this post, but if you've ever tried to move a large photo down in sequence on blogger, you'll know that it's pretty much impossible. I'm not starting over, sorry. Anyway, Colin was teaching the boys how to feed the ducks and Evan was quite surprised when the duck actually took the bread from his hand. I think Evan thought he'd been bit! This photo is priceless though, don't you think?
Colin and the boys getting started with the feeding frenzy.

Ryan thought it was a lot of fun to feed the ducks.
Colin and Evan checking out how quickly the ducks were to come get some bread.
Colin teaching the boys that if they wanted to, the birds would come eat right out of their hands.
Evan really loves all animals. He's pretty much obsessed with horses and cows but his first favorite are birds (and ducks). This is really one of the main reasons that we made the trip to this park. He could chase birds and ducks all day long. He had a great time.

The boys and discovered that there were squires living in the banks of the lake and they'd like to also be fed some bread. Ha ha. At beach camp there were squires everywhere and every single time Evan saw one he'd yell, "skwurl"! It was really pretty cute. I'm not sure what these birds are called, but they did eat right out of our hands and I thought it was pretty cool!
From far away you can see how many ducks there are in the water. About three times this many live in the park.

Ryan got bored of feeding the ducks (we brought quite a few old rolls and bread for them to eat) and wanted to go play on the playground structures.
So, we took them over to the park next to the community center and they played around for a little while. Ryan loves the swings and the park in general. What kid doesn't right?
So, this is video of Evan chasing the ducks. It isn't great, sorry. I did upload about five or six videos recently on my youtube channel. It is on the right-hand side bar if you are looking at the actual website but as far as I've seen, it hasn't been previewing the newest videos. Sorry about that. I'm not sure how to change that. Before it was always previewing my most recently uploaded video. Anyone have experience with this?


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