Seaport Village

Thursday we decided to take the kids down to Seaport Village. My mom says she never does “anything” when she goes to San Diego, so instead of sitting around Grandma Veva’s house we took as many kids as we could and met down at Seaport Village. We had 10 kids in all and it was a lot of fun. I was so glad that we decided to go. We had with us: me, my mom and my two boys, Paul and his youngest two; Molly and Gabriel, Michelle and her two kids Delaney and Lathan; Marsha and her baby Lathan, Karen and her baby Kali; Brooke and Brady and their grandma Veva Jean; and Aunt Linda. We all got to ride on the carousel and then we walked down on the boardwalk a little and let the kids run around in the park. On the way home we stopped at a McDonald’s play place and fed the kids. IT was a little bit crazy with so many kids but we had a great time.
All of the kids: Delaney, Molly, Gabriel, Kali, Brooke, Landyn, Lathan, Evan, Ryan, Brady

I love this picture of Brady and Ryan looking at the ocean.
Brady, Ryan, Evan and Gabe kind of got cut out of this one.
I really like this picture of Grandma holding Evan and looking out at the ocean. So cute!
Evan looking at a large ship in the harbor. The San Diego harbor is so neat, there are so many huge ships. We saw a cargo ship and it was about the biggest thing I've ever seen.
Aunt Linda helping Evan really check out the cool artwork down at the harbor. This is a metal statue that is supposed to look like wet palm fronds. You know how they make hats and stuff that look a little like the texture of this face? We liked it!
The big event at Seaport Village was riding the carousel. It was moved from the east coast to San Diego about a hundred years ago. It's a really pretty carousel and the kids cared most that it was pretty fast and a lot of fun. I took pictures of each of the kids. So, here's Ryan.
Grandma and Evan
Gabe, Paul, Molly
Ryan, Jen, Evan
Ryan and Grandma
Lathan, Evan, Gabe, Delaney, Ryan
Kali, Evan, Lathan, Delaney, Ryan, Brady, Brooke, Molly, and Lathan
Evan checking out the water
I'm absolutely blowing this one up to at least an 8 by 10.
Delaney, Gabe, Brady, Ryan, Lathan and Brooke


Missy said…
I love pictures by the water side :) Looks like you had a lot of fun and your getting good use of your camera :)

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