Swimming Lessons '10

I'm going to attempt this post again. If it fails, I'll probably try again. I apologize to those of you who have this on RSS becuase I know I've already published twice, I'm trying to get it right but seem to be having issues with the spell checker. I'll just apologize for any spelling mistakes.

Ryan and his buddies had swimming lessons this week. It was a lot of fun for them and I was glad to have something to do each day to keep us occupied.
Overall I think the lessons went really well and Ryan is getting much more comfortable in the water. Ryan and Curen waiting for their class to start.
The three amigos! Can you tell how much they love each other?
Ryan, Curen, and Maycee
Evan. He's too young for lessons and there, unfortunately, wasn't any mom and tot class so he was out on the grass with Tonya and I in the blistering heat. He was a really good sport about it.
Most of the time.
Curen on a back float.
Ryan loves the water!

Curen is a total fish and is really getting more comfortable in the water. He's doing so well.
Ryan on a back float.
I bought a two pack of goggles at the begining of the summer for $1 at "the only store I'm allowed to shop at" and I'd never imagined how well Ryan would like them and use them.
Maycee on a back float.
This was Kylee's first year in swimming lessons and she really loved it!
Curen jumped off the diving board.
Maycee's turn.
Ryan's ready for his turn.
Kylee went too.
Perfect form!
Curen going for a second jump.
Curen & Ryan in the deep end.
Post-class cheer
We love diving boards!
Ryan loves swimming lessons!


Yea! third time's the charm!

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