First Day of Kindergarten

Ryan started Kindergarten on Monday, August 30, 2010. He was so excited to go to school. He was looking forward to it for weeks. He picked out his clothes, packed his backpack and was totally ready for his first big day. In the morning we took some traditional first day photos. I directed some of them, but as you'll see, he thought he was in charge of the photo shoot.
This one is my favorite.
He wanted to show off his brand new O'gio bag.

I like this one even though his face is a little funny. His expression looks a little like something my cousin Mikey would pull.
He was like, "Mom, take one like this".
Twenty minutes before we had to go there was a torrential down pour. Good thing we live in Utah and the weather changes quickly. Just as soon as the storm came, it was gone! So, I was able to take a few out front. I probably took more than I should have though because we were a titch later than I'd hoped.
This is Ryan lining up to go in for his first day of learning. You're stuck there for the next 15 years buddy!
More first day madness. The cute little red-head is his new best buddy and friend from church Easton. He's the only kid in the class Ryan knew before the first day. They were both pretty excited to have each other in class.
I'm not sure why he's making that adorable face but isn't he the cutest thing?
There's Mrs. Graham! She took their homework as they came in to class. They each made a paper silhouette of themselves. I should have taken a picture of Ryan's. Maybe I'll do that once they're hanging up!

And here is Ryan's version of back to school photos.


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