Christmas at the McNew's

We had Christmas with the McNew family the Sunday before Christmas.  We also made our candies that evening.  It was such a nice evening, I was glad we could all be together and exchange our gifts too. 
 Ryan and Evan in front of my mom's tree. 
 Cole, Emry, and Jess.  Emry wasn't feeling too well because she was getting four molars at the same time! 
 My boys love their Grandma, (Gwama as Evan says it.)
 Evan getting excited to open his first gift! 
 Ryan's turn. 

And Colin too.
 Daddy and Evan
 Cole and Emry
 Me :)
 Dad and Mom opening their gift from Jess, Cole, Colin and I. 
 We had a canvas of our family portrait made for them. 
 Jess wearing her Snuggie. 
 Jen, Shaully, Emry, Jess, and Grandma all making candies in the kitchen. 
Emry helping stir the candy.


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