Merry Christmas from the Dean Family

I've finally gotten around to writing a letter about our year for all of you.  In preparation for leaving to Maryland as well as the regular holiday festivities, the time got away from me.  Anyhow, without further ado, I give you the top 12 milestones of 2010. 

12  Days my brother has been on his mission in Riverside, California.  Justin has really been enjoying his mission so far.  He hasn't been out there long but we are all so proud of him and his service to the Lord and the Saints in California.  It was really nice to talk to him on the phone yesterday. 

11 Days in Southern California this summer. We had a family reunion, went to Disneyland, camped at the beach, shopped, visited Seaport Village, fed the ducks, and hung out with our family and played at Mandalay Bay on our way home. It was a wonderful family vacation! 

10 People in the McNew family.  We had our photographs taken for the first time ever!  My wonderful friend Missy photographed all 10 of us just before Justin left on his mission.

9 Holidays celebrated together as a family.  New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  
8 Days of swimming lessons.  I was really hoping Ryan would learn to swim this summer and we're getting so much closer.  The boys both really love to be in the water and swim.  Unfortunately, Evan wasn't able to be enrolled in lessons this year but I can't wait for next year when they'll both take swimming lessons! 
7 Days in Maryland for Christmas.  We are having a wonderful time, pictures to follow. 

6 Dishes I made for us on Thanksgiving day.  We stayed home this year, just the four of us, and we had turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, rolls, and corn. 
Ryan turned 5 this August.  He also started Kindergarten this fall and is really loving it.  He's learning to read and write and how to use a computer.  Ryan is such a neat little boy with an amazing spirit and sensitivity.  He makes friends wherever he goes. 

4 Nights away in Seattle. Colin and I were able to take a short get-away to Seattle to visit our friends there.  It was really a wonderful vacation in a great city, we had the time of our lives. 

3  Days in Yellowstone.  Ryan, Evan and I went to Yellowstone National Park this September with my grandparents, mom, and Justin.  It was a memorable trip and I'm glad I was able to take my boys. 

2 Graduates. My mom graduated with her bachelors of Science in Business Management in May.  Colin completed the requirements for receiving his Masters of Business Administration from the Tepper school of Business at Carnegie Mellon University this December.  

1 Potty trained little boy. Evan will turn three in a few months.  I get comments all the time that he must be older than his age.  I suppose this is due to his extensive vocabulary.  The boy never stops talking.  I guess I know another little boy that is the same way.


grandmadonna said…
Those are all very good highlights, love the pic of Ev at the end.
love your Christmas letter - cute!

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