We had our Ward Christmas Breakfast on Saturday December 4th and the boys got to meet Santa Claus.  They were so wide eyed when he walked into the room!  He came around and shook a few hands then found a nice chair to sit in while the kids came to greet him.  It was chaos but the line was short and the boys each got to spend a couple of minutes talking to him. 

Evan was suddenly concerned with the color of his sleigh.  He has seen some conflicting reports in books and movies and wanted to get the story straight from the horse's mouth.  The funny thing was, once he asked Santa what color the sleigh was, he couldn't think of anything else to say.  I'm not sure he even really listened to Santa's reply; his sleigh is red, the elves' sleigh is green.  He was sort of in shock, just sat there with his mouth open and his eyes bright not sure what to say or do.  It was so adorable. 

Ryan totally acted like sitting on Santa's lap was old hat.  He climbed up there, told him what he wanted for Christmas, promised he had been a good boy (which is, by the way, completely debatable), grabbed his candy cane, and hopped off his lap.
One of my friends sent me an email with this awesome link.  You fill in the blanks and Santa sends your kids a video message completely peronsalized.  I thought it was the most amazing thing ever!  Such great technology we have! 

The boys are really excited for Christmas this  year.  They are really looking forward to flying on an airplane to go visit their Nana in Maryland.  Their behavior has been questionable.  We are working on it.  Some days I seriously want to take back some of the toys I've purchased. 

Ryan has had a much better day today.  He was good in school, didn't complain (too much) doing his chores, and did a great job on his homework. 

Evan takes a little more patience.  He's very much a two-year old, complete with lots of tantrums.  Today he was throwing a tantrum in the front hallway of the school and I was just ignoring him (you know that is what they tell you to do when they're throwing a tantrum).  Anyway, he totally tripped over his own two feet while throwing said tantrum and bonked his noggin on the floor.  It is completely mean but I thought he got what was coming to him.  Luckily for Evan, everyone at the school totally spoils him and someone was there to give him some love.  I was not in the mood.  Ha!  Anyway, hopefully we'll have a great last week of the normal routine before heading out next week.  We can't wait! 


Sorry but I just had to laugh about the temper tantrum story!

Brakston threw a tantrum once and Kevin got down on the floor beside him and threw one too. Brakston just stopped his and stared at Kevin. He never threw another one.

I can't say I miss those 2-year-old days!

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