Recently there was a big debacle over a huge blizzard that was supposed to be the biggest snow storm since 1994.  It was going to be huge!  They pretty much shut down all of Salt Lake City.  If you've ever lived here, you know that that is a big deal!  They never do that.  We were expected to be dumped on with snow, and it was going to be an all-out white out with roaring winds and blowing snow.  Well, the time frame came and went.  Visibility was low for some in a few areas but it only lasted about an hour.  Unfortunately for some, that was during their evening commute.  Most people left school, work, or their other commitments early to hunker down.  Anyway, we got about an inch and a half of snow and then it was REALLY, REALLY COLD.  For like a week!  Anyway, about two weeks later, we got completely buried in snow.  It was the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving.  Thank goodness Friday was clear so all we had to deal with while shopping was the cold, no wet.  I hadn't seen this much snow in several years.  It just kept snowing and snowing and snowing.  Colin and I were both home since it was the weekend, and we ended up taking turns shoveling the snow.  By Monday morning, I was praying that there would be school for Ryan because he'd had an entire week off and that means 9 days at home so I was ready for him to go back.  Ha ha!  I think in the end we had about 18 inches or so of snow.  I didn't even take the kids sledding because we were all sick with a nasty cold.  Ryan's cold lasted three weeks!  Mine and Evan's lasted about two.  Colin had it for a few days.  Then Evan got an ear infection.  Anyway, here is the photographic evidence of our actual snow storm, after the one that never was! 
You can see one pumpkin peeping out.  It was Thanksgiving weekend and I tried to keep up my fall decorations until after that.  What you can't see are two more that were completely buried.  Oh, do you see ALL of that snow in our yard? 

These steps are a bear to shovel! 

I stuck the ruler into the snow but it was deeper a little farther out.  This shows 8.5 inches. 

Ryan got stuck out in the middle of the deck with no gloves on he couldn't get himself up.  I had to rescue him. 

Evan was trying to explore barefoot.  So, he snuck out there right near the house. 


and now it seems like we've been enjoying unseasonably warm temps. What is going on?

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