fun center

We are experiencing the coldest Spring in recent and not so recent memory. Or could it be the longest winter EVER? Whatever you want to call it, we haven't been able to spend much time out of doors lately. So, we took the kids inside. Twice we went over to the local family fun center and had a blast. There is a big jungle gym of ropes and tunnels that I didn't get a picture of, two roller skating surfaces (one rink, one track), several inflatable jump houses, a laser tag course, and this blast arena. They also have an arcade for big ones and little ones.

Stuart had a lot of fun getting the toys out of this machine and succeeded in pulling out at least a dozen of them.

The five boys spent forever on this bouncer.  Colin and Stuart figured out how to launch Ryan, Evan, and Ocean into the air off of the mushroom there in the middle.  They all had way too much fun and I had a blast trying to get some good shots of them.
Colin launching himself into the air to send Ryan flying out the other side.
The sun did come out for a while this week and I have plenty of pictures to prove that.  Stay tuned!  


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