Washington DC Zoo

On July third we all met up at the DC Zoo.  We piled in the Dean's van on the way down and rented a car at the airport.  It was insanely crowded at the zoo, and very hot and humid, but we tried to have fun anyway.  The boys loved seeing the animals and the misters throughout the zoo.  
 Ryan, Ocean, and Stuart watching the turtles.

 The tiger.  There really weren't that many animals out that day for some reason.  Maybe it was the heat.
 Evan, being a cheese ball as usual.
 Stuart, Ocean, and Katie watching the tigers.

 Evan and Ryan at the Elephant entrance.
 The Elephant.
 And this is us leaving the zoo.  Hot, tired, and ready for some air conditioning, and a nap!  Luckily, we had planned to swim in Stuart's pool that afternoon. What a refreshing treat.


Marvelle said…
I really enjoy the DC zoo. The last time we were there the pandas were so playful and lively.

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