We had a little BBQ for Colin's work this summer.  It was a lot of fun.  I didn't really take too many pictures because I spent most of the time in the pool with the boys.  Anyway, they had a blast!  Ryan only stopped swimming to eat dinner.  Evan got plenty of swim time in as well.  So glad my boys love to swim!  

 I couldn't believe they were doing this!  Evan isn't an independent swimmer yet (I mean, he swims OKAY but I like to be in the water with him).  He had changed into his dry clothes and Ryan was swimming around. So, I was just chatting with the guests and having a great time when I look over and Evan is IN THE POOL!   I sort of freaked out because he didn't tell me he was getting in.  He is a VERY SNEAKY kid.  He had changed back into his swim suit and gotten in the pool without me knowing it.  Luckily for me, he didn't drown.  He stayed right on the steps where it was safe, except for when he climbed onto his brother's back and rode around the pool.  They are so funny!  I couldn't BELIEVE Ryan could keep him up.  Ry was basically on his tip-toes carrying him around.  Too funny.  But not really, I made them get out!


Jessica said…
Oh Mom... Don't be paranoid. We totally did stuff like that. You just THINK we were bigger/ older.

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