Ryan's 7th Birthday

Ryan turned 7 on August 23rd.  His birthday fell on a Thursday, of the last week before school started.  Which, was perfect!  We did a lot of fun things to spoil him on his actual birthday and held his party on the following Saturday (post forthcoming).  
 I put a little balloon & streamer curtain in his doorway and tapped up the Happy Birthday sign so that he could read it when he woke up and opened his door that morning.

 We had pancakes and sausage for breakfast.
 I took the boys to see Pirates, Band of Misfits in the afternoon.  They LOVED the popcorn and the movie was pretty cute.
 We had pizza and bread sticks for dinner.

And he got a new Skylander!

Seven seems so big to me.  Ryan's an awesome kid. He's so fun to have around!  He's looking forward to starting second grade in a couple of days.  He loves to play video games, and play with his brother.  They're very imaginative and make up all kinds of games.  He likes to dribble his daddy's basketball and he LOVES to have his friends over to play.  He likes his hair short, not curly.  His biggest accomplishment so far is learning to boogie board and he's also an excellent swimmer.  He loves school and learning; math is his best subject.  He's really in to maps.  He's constantly asking me where things are geographically and he even stumps me sometimes with his questions.  I love him to pieces.  He's such an awesome kid!  Happy Birthday, Ryan!


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