Birthday Boy!

Birthday post and a few random recentness.  
 When did this boy suddenly start looking so big?  I mean, I just woke up one morning, and BAM!  Big Kid.  Like, not even little any more.  Well... I don't know.  Evan may like some help with a few things.
This is Evan's new hair-cut, new Easter outfit, and new SHOES!
Evan turned five on 3/14/13.  That's right, he was born on pi day.  I was kind of hoping to hold out for St. Patrick's Day but that didn't happen.  Here's Evan's birth story, if you're interested...
 Evan got this cute owl in Primary on Sunday.  He was really looking forward to that.

 Evan is my little gym buddy.  I'm training for another triathlon so I'll be hitting up the gym a lot more now and he's so good to always come along with me.  SOMETIMES he talks me in to going to the gas station for a treat afterward though.
 The weather has been so nice this week.  Don't worry, tomorrow's forecast is different.  Anyway, E and I snuck away to the park for a little while.
 He got some pretty sweet new shoes last weekend.  "But Daddy, I'm the Birthday Boy".  Yeah, this kid knows how to play us!

 So Jess recently went back to work from after Maternity Leave.  I'm so super excited that I get to watch her kids twice a week.  Going from two to four kids suddenly is a bit of a shock to the system, especially since one of them is a newborn and I haven't had one of those for FIVE YEARS, but I love it and wouldn't have it ANY OTHER WAY.  I'm so glad I get to spend some great quality time with my niece and nephew each week.  I always wanted more kids, but since that isn't going to happen, this is as good as it gets.  Maybe better!
 You know, Pintrest has some really cool things out there.  One of those is this awesome Balloon Avalanche.  I saw this about a week ago and really wanted to do it for Evan.  I was worried that Ryan would open the door before Evan so I put Ryan in the guest room.  Ha ha ha.  Colin helped me set this up and it was so much fun we were both excited about it.
 Anyway, here's Evan throughout the years.  It's fun to see how they change.

Happy Birthday Evan!  We Love you!


Marvelle said…
I seriously cannot believe Evan is 5! yikes. Where does time go?

On another note, I also saw the balloon avalanche on Pinterest and did it for Chandler (12) last month. He loved it and thought it the greatest thing ever!

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