Evan has been in Kindergarten for three weeks now.  He loves his school but does not like being gone so long.  Evan leaves our house at 6:40 am and rides the bus to school.  I do not know for sure, but I estimate it takes him a little over an hour to arrive at school.  He plays a little with the kids from his grade before school begins and then starts his day.  His teacher is an amazing woman who also has an assistant teacher who is equally as talented.  They have been learning SO MANY things.  He is learning to read, to write, to spell, to add, count, and so on.  He also takes art, music, swimming on a three day rotation.  He gets an hour of Chinese every day.  He goes to the library every sixth school day and gets a daily exercise class as well.  He loves art, no surprise.  He's speaking more Chinese at home, and I have noticed and improvement in his swimming.  He's adding like a mad man and even understands some subtraction out there in the real life.  I have been so impressed with all he's done in his short time here.  He gets off the bus at 4:10 pm and that makes for a VERY long day for a five year old.  He is SO hungry, and SO tired.  Since starting school, he's had a voracious appetite, and it breaks my heart to wake him up at 6:00 am every morning even though he'd be awake on his own in less than an hour.

I signed up to be a room mother in his class.  Next week we celebrate UN day and I'm very excited to see him in his element.  I've been to a few meetings and after today's meeting Ryan and I got to eat lunch with Evan.  After lunch we went with him to recess and then bid him farewell as he went off to art class.   I then took Ryan to the SAS library to check out more books, it was our second trip!

I love uniforms.  So much less hassle trying to decide what to wear.
I also think they'd really come in handy when kids get early and want to wear specific brand-name clothing.  


grandmadonna said…
That is a very long day for Evan; however, he is doing so well at everything! Evan you are great!

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