Kindergarten Christmas Concert: HIP HOP REINDEER

First of all, the photos in this post are all pretty much bad.  If you were sitting in the front row, ahem, Lainie, and have some good photos you care to share, please email them to me!  I'd like to thank the iPad dad in front of me for holding up his 10 inch device so that I couldn't get a decent shot the entire program.  LOL.  I'm kidding, but seriously!  

Evan's Christmas Concert was on Friday. Ryan and I went to watch all 10 Kindergarten classes perform their holiday musical numbers.  They were so cute, as Kindergartners are, with very few mishaps.  Evan's class (and one other- they did 2 classes at a time, smart!) did the song Hip Hop Reindeer.  It was a really cute number and as per typical, Evan was practicing every day after school.  He was so excited!  

Video Included!  


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