Student Led Conferences

The boys have completed the first half of their second semester at SAS and today we celebrated their learning with Student Led Conferences.  I was really impressed as to how this system is set up and runs at our school.  My kids led me through their respective classrooms showing me all the things they've been working on and learning.  Each classroom had different tables set up with the respective curriculum areas such as reading, writing, science, and social studies.  Ryan and Evan took me around the room and showed me how they'd been learning in each of those areas.  
I was so impressed!  I am so proud of the boys and the progress they've made in school this year.  I really knew about all that they'd been doing because of their homework and my time volunteering in their classrooms but it was so fun to watch them show off their learning for me.  I have been particularly impressed with the technology integration in the intermediate school.  For his math center, Ryan and I made an educreation video and posted it to his blog.  It took us about 5 minutes!  I love that this school understands what an integral part of their lives technology is; and further that it is such a powerful tool in education.  
Both boys were so excited and a little bit nervous about their conferences today and I'm so glad I was able to attend.  The ONLY negative part about it all was that it took a very long time.  I was at the school for 3 hours and only met with one of the eight specials teachers.  The boys each have a Chinese, music, art, and PE teacher.  Those teachers were also available to meet with during conferences but I only made it around to Ryan's Chinese teacher.  I can't imagine what it would be like attending these conferences with more than two kids!  
Ryan's writing piece.  He's published two works so far this year (remember he only started school in January) and I am AMAZED at the progress he's made in writing this year.  Truly astounded!  

"Mom, let's take a selfie"

A science & social studies center. 
Ryan showing me his work in Social Studies. 

Ryan's classroom library.  Mostly taking a picture of this to remember how she had set it up!  

Evan showing me how to use reading strategies, talk about sequencing, and make connections.  

Evan with his portfolio, showing me his writing samples from the beginning of the school year and now.  

I LOVE this portfolio that Evan's making.  I can't wait to receive it at the end of the school year!  
I didn't get as many pictures in Evan's classroom because my phone died.

And now... SPRING BREAK BABY!  We are headed to Phuket this weekend.  We simply cannot wait.  Everyone is so excited.


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