Thailand, Day 2: Karron Beach

Our first full day in Thailand we really just wanted to hit the beach and relax.  So... that's what we did... for a while.  Then this guy came by and asked if we wanted to parasailing.  Colin told the guy no and sent him on his way.  I guess he forgot that my motto for the trip was, "Do all the things".  So, I called him back and said I wanted to do it.  Before you know it, Ryan and Evan are doing it too.  It was probably my favorite thing of the whole trip.  I'm a little bit afraid of heights after I nearly fell to my death in 2000 but for some reason I don't have trouble over the water, as long as that water is deep and obstacle free!  By the time Evan was done, the winds had picked up quite a bit so Ocean didn't get to do it unfortunately, but he'd already had a chance on another trip so he was a good sport about it.  

 After our trip to the beach, we went in search of some yummy food for lunch.  Stuart found a place called the Pad Thai Shop.  It was a real hole in the wall but the food was amazing!  So yummy!

As we were coming back to the hotel after Pad Thai, Evan fell and cracked his head open.  They have these little trolley things that take you around the hotel property and as he was getting out of it, he slipped and bonked the back of his head.  In my combined 14 years of parenthood, this was our first accident of its kind.  It was such a relief that the Hilton had a first aide station on property. A nurse helped us until the doctor could arrive and put three stitches in his head.  He was ready to hit up the kids club as soon as he was done.  He was quite brave through it all and held really still for the doctor too.  

Later that evening we ventured out to Patong beach (not too far from Karron beach where we were staying) for dinner.  We did a little souvenir shopping, eating some street food snacks, and then ate at this awesome little Australian bar with more Thai food!  I can't get enough of the Thai food.  It's the best in the world!  


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