Singapore National Day

Singapore National Day is August 9.  This year that lands on a Saturday.  MY birthday actually happens to be the following day so we rolled them into one and CELEBRATED.  It was a pretty fun day.  
Most of the housing developments here are showing their National pride with these beautiful flags displayed.

We started the day off with Mos Burger (my favorite) and a movie.  We were a little early for the movie so we let the KIDS play at the arcade beforehand.  

Air Hockey is my favorite.  Colin knows that and challenged me to a game.  He even let me get a few points too.  

We saw Guardians of the Galaxy.  It was a pretty fun superhero flick with lots of action.  

 After the movie we headed downtown to go celebrate Singapore's 49th Birthday.  We had dinner early at Thai Express.  I love me some pad thai and they even made it with chicken instead of seafood.

Colin's co-worker invited us down to his room at the Ritz Carlton for the National Day parade.  His room was on the 24th floor and from up there you could see EVERYTHING.  It was seriously awesome; a once in a life time experience I won't soon forget.  

From the room you could see the skyline, the stage on the floating soccer stadium, the stands, the "back stage" areas, the bay where there were military and speed boats as part of the show, the paraders coming on and off stage, and the sky too. We could see the Aapache helicopters flying the Singapore flag all the way around the bay and behind all of those large sky-scrapers you can see in the background to make its entrance across the front of the stage.  

all of the military groups 

giant color smoke bombs
 The program went on for 2 hours with the National Anthem and fireworks at the end.
This is when the different service branches started doing their stunts.  The fire brigade shot water at the stands; which I am sure they appreciated in the Singapore heat.  

And then the singing, dancing and musical performances. 
 There was military numbers, dancing, singing, ministers, the Prime Minister, the President too, and lots of celebrating.
 At the end there were FIREWORKS.
It was an awesome event and I'm so glad we were able to go.
Colin and I had a genius plan that actually worked out.  We took the train from City Hall to Orchard and jumped off to grab a taxi near our old Serviced Apartment.  There was NO line there and we were home before 10pm!  Score.

Such a fun night!


Jessica said…
This looks like so much fun! I'm glad Singapore pulled out the stops for your birthday :)

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