Bintan, Indonesia

This weekend, we went to Bintan, Indonesia.  First, we left Singapore and got on the ferry.  

This is our ferry!

Mom, Dad, Evan and I went with Ocean, Maple, and Stuart.  The ferry was very comfortable and I played my DS almost the whole way.  It seemed like five minutes but it was really only about an hour ride to Bintan.   

At Bintan Lagoon Resort: Evan, Ocean, Maple (and slightly me) were dancing like loonatics to the music.

At the pool there was a swim-up bar and we had pizza for dinner.

This is the view from our (or Stuart's) room.The rooms were very neat but mom got tar in Stuart's bathroom. But it's the beaches' fault for having the tar in the first place.  

Evan lost his tooth at the pool and he told mom he was going to lose each tooth in a different country.  

Evan and I were climbing up and down the rocks.  There were different routes we took and once we got down the third route, Dad got us in trouble.  We had been told by the staff one million times but we didn't listen to them.

Now here we are walking to the beach. 

This is a pic of meeeeeee !!! Ryan!!!

Ocean and Maple.

The beach panorama!!!


And Ocean!

All of us!

They walked on the slide next to the sign that said, "Do not walk on the slide".  
Also we did 100,000,000,000 different tricks, they were all fun. There were two pools but this is the second.  They were both fun though.

We played many different games at this place including: Settlers of Catan, Connect 4, Foosball, 
Ping-Pong, Snakes and Ladders, and more. There was a kids club and SOFT SERVE!!!    

 I almost won the first time we played a full game!!!

Soooooo cute!!!


to Bintan Lagoon Resort



We had a ton of food that night and we all got a Magnum ice-cream bar, all of it was good. 

Leaving was maddnes!!!
- Ryan


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