Evan's Birthday at Legoland

 This year we gave Evan the choice of a birthday party with friends or a day at an amusement park.  He chose to go to Legoland, Malaysia.  We went on the Saturday, one week before his Seventh Birthday.  It was a beautiful, HOT, day and we had a great time.  Here's a little secret: it wasn't busy!  Even on a weekend.  I don't know if there are days that Legoland Malaysia sees crowds or not but the two times we have been have been really, quite empty at the park.

We rode Project X six times consecutively.  The boys had a riot!  
I brought my GoPro along and of course that thing was out of battery so we didn't really mess around with a lot of photos or videos.  We just enjoyed our day and it was so nice not having anything in our pockets!

We did the water park after Project X and stayed for a couple of hours.  Then we went back to the park and did some more rides.  We got soaked on the dino ride!  

Evan and Ryan did some shopping at the BIG shop. 

And afterward we had some dinner before heading back to Singapore.


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