Last Day of School

School is officially out for summer!  Ryan has finished grade 4 and Evan is done with grade 1.  They both did really, really well in school this year and I'm so proud of their hard work.  There are so many moments that I can't mention here but I've blogged about most of them already!  Here are some snap shots from the last week of school.  

Evan walking home with his best buddy Lucy. 

Ryan walking to school with his best buddy Noah.  

Ryan participating in a class skit.  

The boys on their last day of school.  

Ryan with his buddy Jasaraj.  Ja ja had a hard start to first grade and I'm so proud of Evan for making quick friends with him and remembering to include him when he was feeling left out. Evan is a very good friend.  

Evan with his teacher Ms. Lauren on the last day of school.  

Ryan with his friend Phoebe on the last day of school.  

Ryan and Evan with their good buddies Jacob and Benjamin on the last day of school.
These four do practically everything together, especially after school.
We will miss these boys a lot! 

After school pool party! 


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