We are officially packed-out of Singapore.  We had a great crew come and pack us out this week.  They took two days to pack all of our belongings into custom made boxes and load them onto a 20 foot container.  That container will spend the next several weeks floating over the ocean to our home on the other side of the globe.  I've heard that shipments from Asia to the West Coast of USA have been log-jammed for quite some time... we will see when we finally get to see our stuff again!  

Colin and I before the chaos began on the first day.  

about half way through

Our air shipment boxes.

We were allowed a certain amount of space and weight in air freight.
Because this goes a lot faster than the sea shipment; we filled it up as much as we could.  

almost done! 

These are the bags we'll be living out of for the next ... until our stuff comes!
These are 10 bags... all O'gio.  

Ryan with our boxes.  We had 91 in total.  


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