Arches Day 2: Landscape Arch

The second hike we did on our second day at Arches was Landscape Arch.  This is on the Devil's Garden trail.  Next time we go to Arches I want to explore these trails a little better.  We didn't have time to do everything in just a day and a half (because we were on our way to Bryce later that day) so we had to pick at choose what to do.  I am, however, glad that we made the time to go see Landscape Arch because this one is really cool and it has some interesting history.  In 1991 a huge chunk of the arch fell off (180 tons of rock) and so it's even thinner than it was.  There is one section of the arch that's only 11 feet thick!

Not sure what it is about this photo but I just love it!  


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