March 2017

I've been obsessive about taking photos of nature this Spring.  

These are the tulips my mom bought me, they were beautiful and fun to photograph.  

  • We've got a nest in the tree outside our bedroom window. This is the second time since we've lived in this house that we've had nesting birds in our tree. The first time it was robins. This time... you'll notice the nest is large, and way up high. Yep! Magpies. I'm excited to watch the process but I wish it were lower so I could see the eggs/ babies. #spring

Just admiring the freckles on this handsome face. 
His second eye tooth has finally decided to drop down after being lost over two years ago. 

I can't remember what these are called but they were the very first thing to bloom in my yard this year. I have really enjoyed the gardening part of being a home owner.  I don't plant... any vegetables but I've planted lots of flowers.  

Ok, one more because I couldn't resist capturing these beauties in the morning light. These blossoms can be found up and down my street this time of year, they're breathtaking.

This week I took a really intense instructor course.  It's a program called radKids which teaches self-empowerment and self-defense to kids at our school.  I'm obviously fresh from training but I believe in this program and think we should definitely have it in all of our schools. Watch out, because I'm ready to change the world.  Our course was pretty grueling.  We did 40 hours of instruction which really ended up being a little more than that because we were a talkative group and never finished on time.  Staying an hour late on Friday was just torture.  We learned a lot about the dark stuff in our world and luckily focused on the light and ways to change some of the awful things that happen to children in our world today.  Anyway... I'm not sure what my point is but I am grateful I signed up to do this and look forward to teaching the program next year.


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