Grand Tetons & Jenny Lake Hike

Summer Road Trip, 2017: Day 2

Grand Tetons National Park / Jenny Lake Hike

On our second day of Grand Tetons, we hiked the loop around Jenny Lake. The hike was rated easy, but it was long.  Due to some trail closures, I think it was a couple of miles longer than anticipated.  But, it was a beautiful hike with amazing views of the lake and Tetons the whole way.  We hiked on the 4th of July and the weather was warm but not hot.  Besides the fact that we didn't really bring enough water, everything went perfectly as planned.  We even saw a bald eagle fly over us!  Hidden Falls was the water fall about a third of the way around the lake.  It was enormous and moving swiftly downstream.  I am really enjoying hiking with my family, it's an activity we all enjoy and it's a great way to see the National Parks in all of their glory.  I think the hike was a little longer and more difficult than Katie realized she was getting in to but she was a real trooper and finished the whole thing with us.  That evening we went into town for an amazing burger at Liberty Burger (fitting for the fourth) and then headed back to the lodge for a quiet evening and some sparklers.  It was an awesome day and we all slept well that night!  

The Grand Tetons

Boys in front of the Grand Tetons

Colin and I in front of the Tetons

Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake and Tetons

Isn't that an amazing view?!  I'm going to frame this one! 

Lunch with a view

All of us in front of Hidden Falls 

Hidden Falls 

At the half way point, the boys took off their shoes and cooled off in the water 

The trail 

Okay, so maybe you're all sick of these graphs.  I had a TERRIBLE day with my sugars on the first day and a little melt down about it that night.  Sometimes diabetes can be so frustrating and seem so limiting.  I was REALLY worried about how my blood sugars would react on the hike.  BUT, as you can see, they did phenomenally.  I had a little spike from breakfast and then held steady the entire six hours we were hiking.  I was so relieved and so proud too.  I get angry with myself and with my body.  I am not at an ideal weight, and I struggle with so many health problems.  However, in spite of all of that, I can still do amazing things; like hike 10 miles in the Grand Tetons with my family!  

On the way out to the cabins that night we saw a small group of bison. 


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