Social Distancing week 1

Well... this week has felt about like a month long. Anyone else? I have so many thoughts and I've considered sharing all day so.. here goes. What a whirlwind this all has been. When I left work on Friday the 13th I wasn't sure whether we'd see each other on Monday or not. 10 minutes later we found out that school was closing for 2 weeks. I foolishly assumed that meant work from home. Sunday night we found out we'd be working in the building for the duration of the school closure. Monday mid-morning we found out that we'd only be in the building for about 2 days. The story was pretty similar for Colin. We both worked "in the office" Monday and Tuesday. My dad took the kids on Monday and Tuesday they were home. Wednesday all 4 of us were setting out on our first full day at home together. As I was getting up to get into the shower, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit about 20 miles from us. While the ground was literally shaken, so too were our nerv

UMEA State Band Festival

I had the privilege of chaperoning Ryan's Concert band group as they attended the Utah Music Educators Association State Band Festival at the Libby Gardner Concert Hall.  It was a really cool experience to be able to go with the band all the way from the school (they arrived two hours before school started) as they were greeted by their administrators and counselors who were all so proud of their accomplishment, all the way up to the concert hall in downtown Salt Lake City.  The kids earned the spot by being among the top 15 bands in the state.  Their director, Brian Cox is an incredible Middle School Band instructor and he's taken the school from a 10 piece brass section to this robust program in a short three years. When we arrived at the concert hall it was hard to keep the kids (all 75+ of them) quiet as they could hardly contain their excitement.  We shuffled in to the concert hall and watched three other bands perform ahead of us.  Then they went out to retrie

Evan's 10th Birthday!

Our sweet Evan turned 10!  We had his birthday party for friends and family at Obstacle Warrior Kids in Sandy.  It is a new place and the kids had a great time getting their warrior on. I think the crowd favorite was "the wall"  and they all tried to get to the top many times.  I'm pretty sure they all conquered the wall at least once.  On Evan's actual birthday we had birthday waffles, dinner of pancakes (he likes breakfast I guess) and dessert at Last Course (another new place) in Draper.   We sure do love you, kid!   

Skiing 2018

We didn't get much snow this year and so when the snow fell on a public holiday, EVERYONE went to the slopes.  I mean, everyone in the entire Salt Lake Valley headed for the hills.  So many, in fact, that there were MAJOR slow downs and a lot of accidents.  UDOT reported over 50 slide offs and fender benders that morning between Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons.  Luckily, with a little persistence we were able to make it up the hill.  Jess and Cole had a little harder time with Cole being called into work TWICE!  It was pretty crazy.  By the end of the day, Jess only got like three or four runs in.  The kids continue to amaze us with how quickly they pick up the sports and they all did a great job.  No one got hurt and we all stayed warm as we were prepared for the sub-zero temperatures.  And that's it!  Just one day of skiing this year.