Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More from Cambodia

We visited a few more temples on our second day in Siem Reap.  Here they are in photos! 

Ta Sohm

Neak Poam

Preah Khan

This temple was really cool, and very vast.  It was definitely labyrinth like.  I got turned around at least once.  I think it was symmetrical and so it was hard to tell which way you'd come or were going because it was all so similar.  

Elephant Terrace & Baphuon Temple

This was the LAST temple & site we saw.  I loved the elephant terrace, such cool features; and it's really amazing how everything is still in tact and standing today.  

East Maybon

East Maybon was the second temple we saw on the second day.  Besides Bayon and Angkor Wat, it was probably my favorite.  The thing I remember most about it was how HIGH up it was.  The top of this temple was extremely high. The boys were way up there and I was so worried that they'd fall off the edge.  
Colin snapped this photo of me absorbing the vastness of this temple before heading in to explore. 

This was the first level of about four on this temple. 

Me doing my power pose like Mary Phelps taught me ;)

one good thing about not having a phone is that Colin took a lot more photos
and he took photos of me!  ha ha ha

How high up are Ryan and Evan? 

THAT high!!!  

This was freaking me out!