King Dice Valentine's Box

My son has been really in to the video game Cup Head this year so, when his teacher said that he needed to make a box for his class Valentine's Day party, we decided to go with something fitting with the theme of Cup Head.  One of the main bosses in the game is called King Dice.  He's a dice with a face and that's square so it made for a fun Valentine box. 
One day while were were shopping for groceries in our local Walmart we noticed they had a whole cart full of boxes.  I asked one of the kind employees if we could take one and she gladly obliged.  We found a square one and it was just perfect.  Below is the process for how we made the King Dice Valentine's box.

Step 1: Procure a square box.

Step 2: Wrap in white paper.  I just turned our regular Birthday Party paper inside out and wrapped the box in that.  The design shows through slightly but I thought the result was better than me wasting my time finding plain paper and paying for it. 

Step 3: Punch out purple do…

Ice Skating

One of our last days of Christmas break we took the kids ice skating.  Man, it's a lot harder than I remembered.  The kids did pretty well especially since it was their first time- thank goodness for all that rollerskating this summer! 

December 2017

Festival of the Trees

Hoar Frost

Ward Christmas Breakfast
Jax's 5th Birthday
Shopping with Katie & Erin! 
New Year's Eve! 

Christmas 2017

We had another wonderful Christmas together as a family.  Poor Ryan came down with the flu and was pretty sick in the afternoon but he had a good attitude it about it anyway.  

Christmas Candies 2017!

December was a difficult month in the McNew family but we wanted to keep some normality and continue our tradition of making Christmas Candies.  This year we went to Jess & Cole's new house in Saratoga Springs.  Katie was visiting from China and Colin's parents live in Utah now so we had all of the Deans and McNews who were here gather for the event.  We had a lot of fun and made a lot of sweets.  I'm happy we've continued this tradition, my boys seem to enjoy it and I know Colin loves to eat the goodies!  :)