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SAS County Fair

On Saturday, SAS held their annual County Fair.  It's like the schools' fundraiser for the  year but all of the money goes to an organization called Caring for Cambodia.  SAS and the expat community here in Singapore are so great about always donating time, money, and supplies to charity organizations and it really makes you feel good to be a part of it all.

Each class at SAS makes a project to put up for sale or auction at the fair.  I helped in Evan's class.  We made a set of greeting cards with images from Chinatown at Chinese New Year.  When the kids went there on their field trip, I took photos and the students told me what their favorite things were.  Then I made those into cards.  Ryan's class did an art project based on things from the island.  He painted a flower for his piece.   At the fair they have all kinds of things going on.  There's food, games, activities, a book sale, a bake sale, vendors, and the auctions.  We went over to the fair and had a ni…

Valentine's Day 2014

I've never understood why some people don't like Valentine's Day.  I reflected on that a little bit this year and I came to a conclusion.  I think the reason why I LIKE it, and never had any issues with the holiday, or so called "Single Awareness Day" was that my parent's always made it pretty special for me and my sibliings.  They'd always make sure to give us some little (sometimes big) thing for Valentine's and make a special day out of it.  I remember my sister and I would wear cute little outfits and hairdos of red and pink on Valentine's; probably all matching, down to the underwear... but maybe that's sharing too much.  (We thought we were twins even though we couldn't be more different).  Anyway, I digress.  I'm grateful my parents showed us so much love growing up, taught us how to express it well, and made little holidays like Valentine's special for us.  
So. I try to pass on the tradition and make Valentine's a spe…

100 Days of Kindergarten

Today Evan celebrated his 100th day of school.  He has been so excited about the activities they've done today that I decided I'd better write them down and tell you all.  
 They drew themselves as 100 year olds.
 Counted out 100 pieces of food for a snack.  Small pieces of food like raisins, gold fish, and cereal.
 Colored and wore 100's glasses.

Did 100 exercises.

They also took a 100 step walk, gave out 100 hugs, and ate brownies with the number 100 on them.

He had a fun day!

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