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Yellowstone Day 2

Summer Road Trip, 2017 Yellowstone Day 2 On our second full day at Yellowstone we did the upper loop.  We saw some mud pots which everyone thought were awesome, lots of wildlife including Female Elk, baby Elk, a Grizzly Bear with a cub, and of course lots of Buffalo.  We drove from the Canyon area all the way up to Mammoth Hot Springs.  I don't know if I had ever seen the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone but I feel like maybe I haven't because it completely took my breath away.  Our second day took a really long time to drive the loop.  I think part of the reason was that it was really crowded because of the time of year and also due to some road construction.  Nevertheless, we had an awesome time and enjoyed all we saw.  

Yellowstone Day 1

Summer Road Trip, 2017 Yellowstone Day 1
From Grand Tetons National Park we drove north to the South entrance of Yellowstone National Park.  We were able to see A LOT the first day in Yellowstone.  We saw quite a bit of wildlife including some birds Ryan was really excited about.  We got to go to Old Faithful and see all of the Hot Springs and geysers around that area.  I was an idiot and turned around on the trail before the best two hot springs thinking that they were in the other direction, I'm still killing myself about that!  It was a little bit on the hot side while walking out on the walkways in the direct sunlight, but other than that, we had an awesome day of sight-seeing in Yellowstone.  I hope this is a trip that Ryan and Evan will remember.  
That evening we went into West Yellowstone and got some yummy Mexican Food from a taco truck.  It was actually a school bus.  Evan bought some antlers and we shopped around a little bit before heading out to the cabin.  
We were …