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July, 2017

The rest from our July! 

Advantage Basketball Camp

The boys attended ABC camp in Lehi this summer.  They practiced their ball-handling skills from 9-5 Monday to Friday one week in July.  They worked really hard, had a lot of fun, and learned lots of new skills and tricks.  

Bell Canyon Hike with friends

We went on one of our favorite hikes.. Lower Bell Canyon Reservoir.   8 kids, 100 degrees, 2 moms and 3.5 miles!  wahoo. 

Tracy Aviary

One of our Take a Trip Thursday's this summer was to Tracy Aviary.  We had an awesome trip.  Ryan got to feed some birds, I got to hold a bird, and we saw everything there was to see in the park.

Bird Feeders

One of our Make Something Monday's this summer we made bird feeders.  Ryan has gained a love of birds and bird watching, as part of his Bird Study Merit Badge he needed to make a feeder.  I had a crazy idea... and ta-da!