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Fall activities

Warning: Completely Random post:   So my Grandma bought a house down the street from my mom.  It was a foreclosure and the previous owners pretty much abandoned the home.  The left in the fall and their pumpkins rotted out in the flower beds.  When my grandparents bought the home, they tilled the land and apparently incorporated the pumpkin seeds into the soil because now it is like an EXPLOSION of pumpkins!  There are pumpkins everywhere!  So, that's where we got ours this year!  Cut them right off the vine.  It was pretty fun, and kind of messy.
 The boys got a little carried away and we chose 5 pumpkins to bring home.  I suppose we'll have to be carving them sometime this week.
I bought this ficus tree at a home decor store recently.  My plan is to decorate it differently for each holiday.  I put it up and was really enjoying the way it looked plain.  Then I found some cheap stuff in the dollar bin at Target and I was ready to put up my first decorations!
I got these mini ja…

Ryan: climbing a tree series


Evan: Sitting in a tree series


First Grade Field Trip: Cornbelly's