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Blossom Valley Fun

We had a nice time visiting with Grandma and Grandpa at their house in Blossom Valley before heading out to the beach.  We played a lot with cousin Brady and met up twice at the house on Limon for swim parties.  It's so nice to have lots of cousins to play with!  

We found a Geocache at Lake Jennings

I wish I had been quicker with my camera on this one!  The boys both grabbed grandma's arm and were helping her to the car! So cute. 

I took the boys to one of my favorite places: Yogurt Mill.  It had been ages since I'd been there.  It was really crowded and just as small and cute as I remember it.  I seem to remember the yogurt was much cheaper when I was  a kid though... 

To San Diego via Phoenix

We left Albuquerque and headed for San Diego.  We decided (i decided) to break up the drive by stopping in Phoenix for the night.  Evan had gotten sick our first night and first full day in New Mexico.  The drive from ABQ to PHX was uneventful but then Evan got sick again that night and our drive from PHX to SAN was pretty rough for the little guy.  I drove as fast as possible while making sure I could quickly pull over for Evan.  Poor guy!  Phoenix was HOT!!! I was so glad we weren't staying there longer than the night.  We busted out of there as early as we could in the morning and headed for Grandma's house!  

 Rest stop entertainment.  LOL!


From Mesa Verde we drove to Albuquerque.  Katie was having a conference there for a couple of days and we were meeting up with a friend.  The drive through Colorado was really pretty.  We stayed at a hotel that had a fun waterslide.  We had some nice dinners out, and we took the boys to an arcade.

Mesa Verde

The boys and I took a road trip this summer.  We started on June 20 and headed from Salt Lake City to Cortez, Colorado.  We stayed the night and in the morning we explored our fourth National Park of the year: Mesa Verde.  This park has lots of cool ancient dwellings from the Pueblo Indians.  We learned about their history and got to tour one of the dwellings.  Please forgive my amateur videography.