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Sledding: Attempt #2

Well, our second attempt was not as bad as the first, but Ryan didn't love the sledding as much as I hoped he would. I think he is afraid of the snow and sled.


On Saturday we headed over to the little playground at our Apartment. Ryan was introduced to the slides and he really started liking it by the time we left. He even started going down the big tubular slide. One of us would send him down, and the other would catch. Before he even got out of the slide he was ready for a second turn. He would say, "more!" It waw really cute.

Colin's trip to NYC

Colin went to New York at the end of January for a business trip. He didn't get to spend a whole lot of time there, but he enjoyed being in the center of all that goes on in New York.

messy, goofy Ry

wink ;)
paper everywhere

emptied my paper files

mugging for the camera
spilled salt all over the kitchen

waste basket on the head

Valentine's Day


Ryan DDR

Here is Ryan doing Dance Dance Revolution. It's a cute video but sometimes he can really get going. He likes to pull out the mat and dance all of the time.

eyes, ears, mouth, and nose

Ryan has just learned a few body parts. He can point to his eyes, ears, teeth, nose, and belly. He can also say all of those words too, except for belly.
It was kind of hard to get him to point and hold it long enough for me to snap the picture... but I think you can tell what he's doing.