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Meyer Mania

I'm so excited for the release of the new Stephenie Meyer book Breaking Dawn, that I can hardly contain myself. I'm done re-reading the series up to Eclipse and refuse to read anything else until Saturday morning. Jess and I will be hitting the lines Friday morning for our wrist bands and Friday night for the book! I doubt I'll stay up to read it because we're planning on having portraits done in the morning but you never know I suppose. I missed this "live" but I waited until it was posted on youtube to watch. Here is the Meyer interview from GMA this morning! enjoy.

Splash Park

The latest in outdoor fun here in Utah is the Splash Park. We've been to this particular one twice now and Ryan was asking me just this morning if we could go back. I think more of the cities here need to put in a splash park. They are perfect for beating the summer heat, no hot slides and burning feet here!

Curen & Ryan
Josie and her cousin (I can't remember her name)

Ry thought he was a car wash in this video. You can't hear it very well but he's making car noises while running through the rainbow tunnel.

Liberty Park

Last week Teresa and I took the kids to Liberty Park. It was a great fun and I think the kids... well Ryan had a good time. They have a nice little splash area where he could get wet and stay cool from the blistering summer weather. Its always nice to get out and do something new. I've never been to that part of the park and it was neat.

in the yard with the Fry kids

One morning while Michelle went to the gym, we had all four kiddos at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Delaney, Lathan, Ryan and even Evan spent most of the morning out on the patio watching Mike mow the lawn. Grandpa spent most of that day out in the yard watering and gardening. Ryan got lots of rides on the golf cart and he and Delaney thought it was a lot of fun to sit on the mower.

Grandma Veva & Grandpa Ed

My kids hanging out with their great-grandparents.

Flora & Fauna

More from Sunny San Diego
These are the plants and flowers found around the yard at my grandma and grandpas house.

Videos from the beach

Well, my ancient computer has filled to capacity. I'm sure that has nothing to do with the thousands of pictures that I take. Anyway, it has taken me much longer than I had hoped to get the rest of our vacation onto the blog... but here it is anyway. These are the videos from our time at the beach. None of them are very good. I guess it's hard to get good video and try to take care of the kids at the same time. The first is my grandma coming out of the ball toy that she rode in. Everyone was shocked that she rode in the thing to begin with. The video is really shaky because I was walking toward the scene trying to get a better shot. Sorry.The second video is Karen playing tag with Brady Dierkop and Ryan. They played so hard every day that Ryan actually asked for both nap time and bed time. The third video is Ryan playing in the water. He really had much more fun than what this video shows. Hard to get good video and keep the camera dry at the same time.

4 months

Evan was 4 months on Monday. He had a cousin born on that day, Molly Dierkop (pretty sure that's what they're naming her), so that is really cool- they'll be exactly 4 months apart. Today Evan had his check-up with the doctor. He weighs 16 pounds 8 ounces (75th percentile) measures 26 inches long (90th percentile) and his head measurement is at 50th percentile. Needless to say, he's still growing well. He's a happy baby most of the time and he's a lot of fun! Ryan and he are really starting to take better notice of each other. Evan looks for Ryan in the mornings and Ryan always says hello to him. Ry has also tried interacting with him a little better. I can't think of any great examples to write, but its really cute how they're starting to notice each other more.