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Photo a Day April

This is my goal for the year.  I only made one resolution: take a photograph every day for the entire year of 2012.  I've decided to use the list as produced by the blogger FAT MUM SLIM each month.  She posts on her blog, on twitter, and on instagram.  I am posting on twitter, instagram, on this blog, and linking to my 356 project from my diabetes blog.  
1. your reflection 2. color 3. mail   4. someone(two) who make you happy   5. tiny  6. lunch.  wish I were kidding!    7. shadow  8. inside your wallet : tax return baby!  yeah.    9. younger you: nearly 10 years ago!    10. cold (a treat for me, and one for them!)  11. where you ate breakfast (every day!)  12. stairs 13. something I found: at the grocery store  14. how you feel today  15. sunset 16. flower
 17. something you don't like: high blood sugars!   18. hair: this kid has the cutest curls and he gets compliments daily, yet he totally hates it!    19. orange  20. something you drew 21. bottle.  this stuff keeps me al…

Easter 2012

We had a great Easter Sunday this year at home with the boys.  We got up early and went to Church.  I made a meal at home, and the boys gorged on candy all day.  I tried to teach the boys about the true meaning of Easter this year.  I think they understand what it is.  They are also grateful for the candy though!  

Egg Dying '12

We got together at Grandma & Grandpa's house on Good Friday to dye eggs.  Grandpa's chickens have been laying eggs like crazy so there were plenty of eggs to dye.  Good thing because Emry thought it was the best activity ever!  She loved dropping those eggs into the different colored cups of dye.  Evan, Ryan, Jess, Grandpa and I all had fun dying and decorating the eggs too.  These kids don't do anything half-way.  They jump in and get it done!  They're so funny.  

 Yes folks, Evan has started sporting the sleeveless look already!  Never you mind if there is snow on the ground, he's going to be rocking these shirts until fall.  Good thing he's got plenty of them!  This kid has some seriously strange quirks.