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Halloween at Daddy's Work

Per tradition, we went to Goldman for the annual trick-or-treating! I love this tradition and I was glad to take the boys up to see their dad at work. The boys got more candy from this excursion than on Halloween night. I brought their smaller candy buckets and we had to empty them half way through the office and fill them up again. Needless to say, the kids have enough candy to last until Easter, or at least Christmas!

Super heros round two

The boys dressed up as super heroes for the second year in a row.  Whatever makes them happy!  Ryan decided to go as Iron Man, which wasn't really much of a surprise because he has been gathering all sorts of Iron Man paraphernalia.  He owns tennis shoes, flip flops, and a tooth brush to name a few.  Evan went for Super Man and he was a pretty cute one if you ask me. 

Halloween at School


painting pumpkins

Jess and I decided to get our kids together to paint pumpkins.  I drove my boys out to Jess' house after Kindergarten on Monday and we got right to work painting pumpkins.  The kids had a grand old time making a big ol' mess of the paints.  I think they all really had a blast doing it.  As Jess put it, they turned out very... colorful!   Evan, Ryan and Emry getting ready to start painting. 
 Emry wanted a little bit of help but she was very into the painting of her pumpkin, and a little on Evan's too. 

 Evan's pumpkin was so well painted that we couldn't bring it home, I had to leave it over night to dry. 
I love that we did this activity together because it was really one that the kids could enjoy.  I'm not sure what Jess thought the pumpins would turn out like, but the kids were sure happy with the results. 
 I had to console Ryan after I accidentally painted some red on his BYU pumpkin.  What on Earth was I thinking? 
Here are the grand works of art!  This i…

Corn Belly's

We took the boys down to Corn Belly's at Thanksgiving Point last weekend.  It was a perfect day for a fall outing.  I was really impressed at all there was to do.  The kids had a wonderful time and so did Colin and I.  We'll be going back again for sure. 

Kinder night and VIP

Recently held at his Elementary School, Ryan and I attended the Kindergarten Night.  It's a night dedicated to finding out "What Kindergarten is all About".  It was very eye opening.  Who knew that had so much learning to do this year.  I am very excited for my son to learn so many challenging things this year.  He has always loved to learn and he is enjoying Kindergarten tremendously.  He doesn't even mind doing homework every day.  He has adjusted so well to the schedule too.  We got to Kinder night a little bit early and I was so glad to have the chance to take Ryan's picture inside of his classroom.  He showed me all around and told me all about the things he loves to do at school.  He also had the chance last week to be the Very Important Person.  He was very excited to have himself under the spot light.  His teacher has the VIP bring in 8 pictures of things about them and the class gets to decide what the picture means.  Then I got to read Ryan's favori…