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Once upon a walk

I went walking with my mom and Ryan. Along the trail we see a herd of small animals ahead. I thought that they were sheep at first... but at closer look... you can see that it was
Goats. 200 of them.
And my mom just happened to know the man who owns them. He gets paid to take these goats all over and eat weeds. It's fire control I guess. Anyway. I thought that it was quite interesting and kind of neat. The only bad thing was that the rest of the walk was littered with goat poop.

Go Jazz!!!

The Jazz won game 3!

First day at the Pool

waving at mommy


The new IKEA in Draper opened this Wednesday. I went to check it out with Jess on her lunch break on Thursday. It was a mad house! There were so many people there. They'd employed part of the police department to help direct traffic and parking. The store is quite great though. It is very, very large! I couldn't believe how big it was actually.
We had a lot of fun browsing through the maze of rooms and furniture. I've been wanting a desk for about two years and Colin and I have been looking seriously for a couple of months. We found one we liked at IKEA and bought it. It was under my budget so I got to buy a chair to go with it, and some great accessories as well. Here we are puting together the new items. The chair was relatively easy to put together but the desk took us FOREVER! I like the way it looks though and am very happy to be using it and organizing my stuff into its drawers.


One of my favorite parts of the day is when Ryan helps me get ready. This particular morning he decided he needed some makeup too.

almost 2 years old

Hard to believe that Ryan will turn two in just 3 months! Here are some throw-back pix to when he was 1.
The vote is in and you all chose to keep this website instead of bebo.
Hope you are enjoying it.


The new jammies are cute. I'm not so sure about the bedtime face.

Top 10

Best things about being off-track

10. Not having to work
9. Daytime Television. I don't do soaps but I like Good Things Utah, Martha, Oprah, and Ellen.
8. Scrapbooking, quilting, and making cards and other little crafty things I don't otherwise have time for.
7. Sleepin in- well a little at least, Ryan gets better at it as the time goes on.
6. Organizing- some things you just don't get around to, so I like to organize a few things while I'm off track. Colin told me once that he likes me being off track for this reason too. I just wonder if he knows that I like it- no- he knows I'm a total neat freak. Which brings us to #5
5. Cleaning- okay so that might sound weird but I love to have a clean house and it's nice to clean when I don't have "anything" else to worry about.
4. Shopping- well I have to watch my budget but I can window shop as much as I like!
3. Meeting up with friends.
2. Going to see Colin at work.
1. Being at home with Ryan.

Happy Birthday Colin

Today is Colin's 27th Birthday.
He is such a great man, husband, and father. Colin has always been the comedic releif in my life. He's always there to make everyone laugh. He helps me remain calm and to try to see the good in each situation. He is so helpful with Ryan and does so much for me. He supports me in everything that I do. He's a shoulder to cry on and a sounding board when I need to vent. He cares for Ryan and I more than anything else in his life and always puts us first. Thanks for being so great Colin. We love you!

Daddy's birthday balloons @ work.
The Birthday Boy with his cupcakes.

"Happy B-Day Colin"
Ryan helping Colin open his gifts.
What's inside?
Sunday morning breakfast and presents.

New Reef flip flops.
New shorts.
New shirt.

New Jazz T-shirt.

Breakfast at IHOP on Saturday morning. Ryan had the "funny face" pancakes. He said "pancake" all the way to the restaurant.
Colin's Colorado Omlette.
Jen's Chicken Fajit…