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Easter 2016

We had fun celebrating Easter back in the USA this year.  This Holiday is definitely one that is easier to celebrate here. I love this time of year when the winter starts to melt away and the blossoms begin to come out.  It's fun teaching the kids the real meaning of this special Christian day.  We had way too much sugar and just the right amount of fun!  Happy Easter!

Grandparent's Day Program

Second graders at Sprucewood Elementary put on a program for the Grandparents each year.  This year Evan was able to invite his Grandma Donna and Grandpa Shane to come watch him perform, dance with him, and share memories together.  Colin and I also got to watch part of the program and the dress rehearsal.  It was such a cute program and Evan did a great job!

NOVA graduation

Ryan graduated from NOVA at school.  This is like the old DARE program.  It's an anti-drug and peer pressure program taught by a local police officer.  Ryan enjoyed his time in the program and wrote an awesome essay about what he learned!

Minute to Win it Birthday Party

Evan requested a Minute to Win it Birthday party this year.  As usual, he planned everything and I helped him carry it out.  It was a really fun theme and the boys (and Emry) had a really fun time with all of the games.  This is one I would do again for sure.

It's been fun to see Evan turn 8.  Eight is an important year and he's been looking forward to this milestone birthday for a while now.  He gets to start scouts soon, get baptized, and to me he definitely seems older and more responsible.  He's growing like a weed and is smart as a whip.  I sure do love that kid!

Thanks for everyone who came to his party to celebrate.  He loved all of the gifts he got and has had a lot of fun playing with his new toys this week.