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Fall Festivities

Saturday at SAS was full of awesome activities for Halloween.  We spent a good part of the day there enjoying the festivities.  There was a haunted house, a pumpkin patch, an International Food Fest, and lots of vendors.  Many of the booths were raising money for various charities and non-profit organizations.  It feels good to help support such noble causes.  The boys had a blast and we did too!  Colin and I especially enjoyed the time on campus and the food, of course!

Colin saw the Thai food booth and said, we have to get you some Thai food.  We tried some curry and mango sticky rice.  It was indeed very delicious.  
Ryan got do drive this robot.
 I still think of my little sister every time I buy cotton candy.  Growing up, Jess loved that stuff.  And I think she still does!
Evan has been in love with the color green lately.  If it isn't green, he's likely to maybe even get upset about it.  Here he is in his green sleeveless shirt (still his favorite), green balloon fro…

Still Swimming

It's kind of weird that we're still swimming.  I look at the calendar, and it says it's October 19th but it's kind of hard to believe.  When we found out that we'd be moving to Singapore, I KNEW that it was like this here.  Geographically, we're like one degree above the equator.  The weather is warm, and humid, all year long.  I know this, but experiencing it has been something different.  I keep waiting for the weather to turn cooler. Keep waiting for the leaves to change color, to be able to turn off the AC and put on a pair of jeans.  But... still summer!  ha ha ha 

Here's Ryan wearing a Halloween Trick-or-Treat bucket on his head.  It occurred to me that he was playing with this... in the pool, in the middle of October.  Weird.  So, of course I took a few pictures.  

Adjusting to life in Sinagapore has been more difficult than I anticipated.  There are moments, days, and sometimes even weeks, when I down-right hate it here.  I've experienced a lit…

Evan VIP day

Evan had his turn to be VIP at school on October 18.  We made a poster with some photos and some of Evan's favorite things.  He showed his poster to the class, shared a treat, and I read one of his favorite books, Tony Baloney in Buddy Trouble. I love going in to Evan's class and I'm glad for any opportunity to do so.  
My favorite color is: GREEN My favorite food is: PIZZA My favorite drink is: APPLE JUICE My favorite treat is: ICE CREAM My favorite outfit is: SLEEVELESS My favorite book is: GO DOGS, GO! My favorite vacation is: CALIFORNIA My favorite thing to do is: SWIMMING My favorite game is: SHARK TAG

Singapore Zoo

WARNING: lots of photos!
We have taken two trips to the zoo.  The first was with Ryan, me and his friends, and the second was just today with all four of us.  I hope the photos aren't too redundant.  But there are many, so you have been warned.  We love the zoo so much we decided to buy an annual pass!  So we plan to keep going back and seeing the animals!  
Overall, Singapore Zoo is pretty incredible.  The thing about it that sticks out to me is how close you can get to the animals.  There are very few exhibits behind plexi-glass and it's kind of surprising.  We sure are enjoying it.  
Oh, videos at the end!  The very last one is the best.  So if you get bored with the photos, just scroll all the way down to the end and watch that one!  (hope it works)!