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Carving Pumpkins


Straight Hair

I usually straighten my hair once or twice a year. I love the way it looks but there is no way I would wear it this way every day. I like the reaction I get from people though when they are used to seeing it curly. I better give credit to Jessica though because she is the one who does all of the striaghtening.
Thanks Jess!

Bad Combination

Recipe for a sleepless night:

take a nap

drink 2 diet cokes

stay up late

worry about work

watch a couple of scary movies

this is a bad combination- yet another night and I am up late

it's a good thing we get to change our clocks tonight. Too bad Ryan won't know that in the morning.

Mission Mohawk

So I decided to mess around with Ryan's hair this morning. He has really cute curls in the back but I just usually comb it straight like a regular little boy 'do with a part in the front. We got out the mousse and played around until these were our results. It was of course ruined after the first nap but we put in more before church.

a side shot

You can sort of see the mohawk here. Cute smile!

This is a good shot of the curls in the back
I think he looks like a stoned rock star in this one.

Witches @ Gardner Village

We went out for a little trip to see the Witches at Gardner Village. Last year when I took Ryan, he slept almost the entire time. This time he was more able to enjoy the Village. He liked looking at the ducks the most. I think that is his favorite animal. The witches are pretty funny to look at and we had a fun time. Didn't even spend any money!

someone found the markers

Ryan found the markers today. Luckily I caught him before he got it on his clothes. The ink stayed on his face most of the day, but all washed off in the tub tonight. What a cutie!

Football Game

This is the Utah State Football game vs. BYU at Provo.
This poor football team hasn't scored any offensive points all year.
But, we had a great time!
This has been a few weeks ago now.

more of the pumpkin patch

Colin walks just slightly faster than Ryan and I.