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7 peaks water park


the Boys

Just a few recent pictures of my boys because I think that they are so cute.

My good neighbor Audra brought me this cute outfit in the hospital. I couldn't wait to put it on him. I think it is so cute! Here he is all tuckered out in his car seat.
Ryan's favorite treat to get at the gas station, bug juice. I like the container too, spill proof is always a good thing.
Ryan wanted me to take a picture of him holding Evan, but Evan wasn't really in the mood for big brother to hold him. I took the picture anyway.
Ryan sure does like his juice. He drinks and drinks and drinks all day long.

In other news, Ryan has officially been potty training for more than a week now. He is really doing very well. I think he's getting the hang of it quite quickly. He has only had one wet bed during nap time and he is still wearing a pull-up to bed. He is starting to get the hang of going #2 as well and we are all really excited. He is so proud of himself and I am honestly re…


Like most little boys, Ryan loves to play with Cars. He has all kinds of wheeled vehicles and I thought it would be interesting to line them all up. So, I did. Ryan didn't like having the train in the line because it wasn't exactly in the same classification as the other wheeled vehicles, but I convinced him to put it back into the line. He has many, many match box cars and trucks. There are also a few vans, a couple of tractors, some trailers, one Tonka truck, two garbage trucks, an airplane, Thomas the Train (we had two but left one at a friends house), and a two wheeled bicycle. He also has, somewhere, a Harley Davidson Motorcycle car (and he says it just like that, all four words). We used to have two Harley motorcycles but one was sent down the slide at the West Jordan Outdoor Park never to be seen again, and the other one has also disappeared. Now that I think about it, so did the O'gio motorcycle. He has quite the collection of cars from the Disney movie Cars. …


I may have mentioned we did an FHE on the Prophets a while back. One day Ryan saw the Ensign and wanted to learn the prophets. I taught him the names of the first presidency. Today he wanted to show off his knowledge for the camera. If you watch closely, he says it all by himself right at the begining. He knows them pretty well.

Messy Boy

As you may remember, Ryan is quite a messy boy!
I just had to post the "little" mess I found last week during nap time. I figured he was being quiet because he was sleeping, boy was I wrong! He completely ruined a full tube of Mary Kay lipstick, my brand new eye shadow, my blush, and my mascara! And you would have thought that I yelled at him or maybe even spanked him, but I've been trying to be better about those types of reactions, and I just calmly thought, "great!", grabbed my camera, plopped him in the bathtub, put him down for a nap in HIS ROOM, and quickly uploaded the photos to send to his Daddy at work. Everyone needs a little comic relief at work. thats the look I get when he knows he is in trouble
but after three or four pictures, he knows mom isn't going to be unbareable
nice artwork on the face there bud

6 Years Together

Our 6th Wedding Anniversary was yesterday. We celebrated on Saturday night by going out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. The food was amazing, the cheesecake was delicious, and the wait wasn't too long. Now that they've opened up the patio, the Salt Lake City restaurant can now seat more people!
Some days it feels like I've known Colin forever and other days its hard to believe we've been married for six years. For this year's post, I thought I'd do some lists.

Six things you may not know about Colin and Jen
1. We met the Summer of '98 while we were both attending BYU.
2. Our first date was on October 17. 1998. (nearly 10 years ago!) We saw Saving Private Ryan and I asked him out.
3. We have never been camping together. (except if you count beach camp)
4. One of our favorite meals is chili and rice. It costs about $1.50 to make!
5. We are only 5 months apart.
6. Before Colin left for his mission, we both knew we'd end up married some day.

Six things I…

1,000 pounds

On Friday, my mom and I canned 1,000 pounds of wheat. No that number is not wrong. We did 20 50 pound bags. We also did 100 pounds of Flour and 50 pounds of oats. For what? Just for storage I guess. Most of it was my mom's friends. Look closely at the second picture and you can see the bags of wheat piled up. Ryan was really good, especially because we did the canning right in the middle of his nap time. Evan did not let a little canning get in the way of his nap, he slept right through it all, which made the whole process possible. Not sure how we would have done it otherwise.


Finally there is good weather.
Finally we had a break. From taking the GMAT (and studying for it). From applying for Graduate School. From house hunting (at least for now).
Finally we had a chance to do a little relaxing this weekend.

We had originally planned to go to the Zoo or to 7 Peaks Water Park, but we decided to keep things a little simpler. I'm glad we did too because it was actually very relaxing. While the Zoo or the Water Park would have been fun, I think relaxing isn't exactly the word we'd use to describe those events.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Colin
Colin is a great Dad. He does all sorts of things that I never thought he would. He changes diapers, he gets the boys dressed, he feeds them, he gives them naps. But most of all, he spends a lot of quality time with the boys. Ryan and Evan love attention from their Daddy. Ryan loves to wrestle and tickle with Daddy. Evan laughs and smiles at his Daddy.
We love you Daddy, thanks for everything you do for our family.

3 months

Evan turned 3 months old today!
He's still growing like a weed. I get comments all the time about how big he is. These photos are quite redundant but I like how they show all of the faces he makes.

still alive

Hi Everyone, we are still here, we're just really busy at the moment. School is coming to a close, work is super busy for Colin, Colin is applying for Graduate School, and we're trying to decide about buying a home... so there is a lot going on. Sorry we don't have more to blog about at the moment. Updates to follow.


It seems like every kid gets a nickname somehow spontaniously. I called Ryan RyRy from pretty early on and for some reason, I've stared calling Evan "Evster". I don't know where it came from, but I like to call him that. Ryan gets nicknames like Ry, Bubba, and Mister. Evan gets Evster, E, and Mr. Magoo. I love my boys! Here are some more recent ones of Evan. I've been trying to get him smiling on camera but he's not a huge fan of the red-eye-eliminator followed by the big flash, I've gotten plenty of strange faces resulting. what was that light?
he he... look at me
looks like Grandpa Ed in this picture

that's as close to capturing a smile that I've come as of yet

ah, Sunday afternoon naps, ya gotta love 'em

this is what Evan looks like to me
this is the best pic to show what he really looks like