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Ghost & Grim Reaper

This year for Halloween Evan went as  Ghost.  Ryan went as the Grim Reaper.  We didn't intend for it to be a theme but I guess it kind of was!   We had lots of Halloween festitivites to participate in this year.  It was also Red Ribbon Week and Ryan had a major field trip.  Whew!  I'm so glad this week is over.  And hooray for the end of daylight savings time!  

 The kids are strictly not allowed to wear masks to school and both boys chose a costume with a mask.  So.. before we purchased the costumes, we had to find a way that they'd work without the costumes as well as with them.  For Evan, we decided face paint would be best.

 Halloween Carnival at Church.

 Getting ready for school on Friday.  For Ryan, we bought a Grim Reaper whose mask could be removed.  Then, to protect his costume from the self-eating velcro, we put a piece of fuzzy velcro down- it seemed to work okay.

Ryan at the parade. 

Evan at the parade. 

5th Graders lined up to do their Thriller Dance.  Ever…

Carving Pumpkins 2015


Junior Achievement City

Our school participates in the Junior Achievement program.  This is a financial literacy program taught by volunteers, except in fifth grade where the teachers do the instruction and then the volunteers run the field trip.  Fifth grade is a special year for Junior Achievement because the kids get to apply for jobs and then take a field trip to the Children's Museum at the Gateway and run the city for a day.  The city, or Biz Town, is located on the fourth floor and is only open to field trippers for this exact purpose.  I really enjoyed this experience as a teacher so I was really excited when Ryan got to participate as a student.  And this year I volunteered so I also got to see Biz Town from that perspective for the first time.

 Ryan was hired as CFO of Merit Medical for the day.  He ran all of the finances for the company.  He printed and delivered bills to all of the other companies in Biz Town and ran deposits to the bank CEO as well.
 There are two pay periods and two br…

Pumpkin Drop!

Jess & Cole invited us over to drop pumpkins in their circle.  Their neighbor rented a lift and hoisted them up in the air to drop their pumpkins!  It was a crazy, fun idea and the kids all had a blast.  Jess and I were glad when they came back to the ground!  And, no, I did not take a turn!

Family Hike

We heard the weather was going to change this week, so we decided to take advantage of the good weather while it lasted and go hiking.  We had a great time up at Bell Canyon.  We hope we can go again sometime soon so hopefully we'll have another nice weekend again!  (Can you tell we're all terrified of the winter coming???)  

Fall Fun at Cornbelly's

We had a lovely time at Cornbelly's today! The weather is just perfect and the kids had a great time on all of the attractions.  Ryan even asked me if we could go back tomorrow!  There were a lot of people at the corn field today but I have to give major props to the folks at Cornbelly's because you really could not tell how busy it was.  We never felt crowded at all!  Lines were short and there were LOTS of things to do.  The majority of them were free with admission too so that was nice.  We finished the corn maze in record time! 25 minutes.