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Utah's Hogle Zoo

A friend of mine had free tickets for the zoo.  So I invited my mom to join the boys and I on a very hot day at the zoo.  We had a lot of fun seeing all of the animals.  I think it was nice to have an extra adult with me.  We took our time and were able to see the whole zoo in just a few hours.  The boys enjoyed their day at the zoo. We rode the carousel and the train as well. 

 The lady who was manning the Elephant exhibit that day had a piece of elephant hide she was showing the kids.  She mentioned to them that it had some hair on it and that because of this, it meant that elephants were mammals.  She challenged the kids to find all of the mammals in the zoo.  Ryan took her challenge seriously and counted every single mammal he could find.  By the end of the zoo, we had found about 30 different species of mammals.
Here's Ryan examining his Dinosaur map.  This summer they had several fake dinosaurs around the zoo which were animated and some even spit water.  The boys had a fun t…