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April, 2017

Here's the rest of the month of April, 2017

One day we were leaving our house and the boys opened the garage.  In walked two Mallard Ducks!  This time of year is so fun.  

Just taking a photo of Evan's cute freckles. :) 

On our way down to California, we stayed in Las Vegas.   Ben & Jerry's was giving away free ice cream!  

We stayed at the Planet Hollywood and the boys wanted their photo with the Star Trek costume. 

Tulips in my yard.  

I did a course in child empowerment and saftey/ self defense education for kids.  I'm certified to teach it at Evan's school next year. 
I love that Evan's scout leader texts me photos of their activities.   Here he is working on his science belt loop. 

The boys finally got hair cuts. They were long overdue (always are) and Ryan has started caring about his hair for basically the first time ever. He even gets out the hair dryer some mornings!  

This month for pack meeting we did a flight simulation and had a pilot and hob…

Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point

I've always wanted to go to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  My friend Constance, from Singapore, moved here not too long ago and I know she likes to take photos so I asked her if she'd come along with me.  It just so happened that our friend Teena, also from Singapore, was passing through Utah and had another friend from Singapore as well... so, we made a lunch date out of it and went to see the tulips.  Grandma Veva and Aunt Jean were also here for the week and so they came along too!  It was a really lovely day at the Tulip Festival.  The weather this spring has been really cold and rainy.  I was glad we were able to beat the bad weather that day.

The tulips were amazing and I couldn't believe how they transformed the entire property of gardens into a beautiful Spring display!  

Evan's Singapore Report

I can't believe I didn't get a photo of Evan with his poster.  But he did such a good job on his culture report.  He knew right away which culture he wanted to report on.  It was a fun walk down memory lane helping him put together his poster and oral report.  He brought in a piece of Paranakin pottery, a buddha, and a piece of lacker decoration.   We also gave each child a piece of naan to taste. 
Introduction: I used to live in Singapore, so for my culture report, I’m going to tell you about the cultures in the country of Singapore.There are three main groups of people who live in Singapore: Chinese, Malaysian (or Malay), and Indian.Everyone lives together peacefully and are very respectful of one another’s cultures.
Most people in Singapore live in HDB condos or apartment buildings.
Languages: In Singapore people speak Mandarin Chinese, English, Malay, Tamil, and Tagalog.All Singaporean students study English as their first language at school. They speak their native language at…

Church History Museum

Grandma Veva came to Salt Lake for a funeral in late April.  Jess and I decided to take her down to the Church history museum for the day.  She hadn't been there in over 30 years.  The museum was completely different for her and she loved going through and looking at all the art and church history.  We had a fun time showing her around.

 When we left the museum, we still had time to take a look at temple square.  The grounds are beautifully landscaped at all times of year, but I think Spring is just a beautiful time to be there.  We loved eyeing their tulips.

Then we crossed the street and saw the conference center before heading home to get the big kids from school.  

Later that night we had barbecue for dinner.  

Easter 2017

We celebrated Easter with an early morning egg hunt in our neighborhood.  I was in charge of this event this year, I think it turned out really nicely.   The kids all had a lot of fun and got a TON of eggs. 

Later that evening we dyed eggs.  

And after a beautiful day at church we joined Great Grandma Veva and Grandma Donna for Easter dinner at my parents house.  What a nice Easter we had this year.