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July Photo a Day


Draper Pool Lessons

The boys took a second session of swimming lessons at the Draper Outdoor Pool.  It was a great session and they learned a lot. Both boys had really good instructors and I totally love the new Starfish Swimming program.  I think I'll even sign them up for lessons in the fall.  I'd love for Ryan to be on the pre-competition team because he seems to love the water better than any of the other sports he's tried.  We'll see though.  

He was so excited that his hair was spiky after swim.

 This might be my new favorite picture.  Ever.

Rodeo pt. 2

Here are some more pics from our night at the rodeo... and proof that I was actually there.  

Days of '47 Rodeo

The McNew family used to attend the Days of '47 Rodeo every year.  I'm not sure if we got burnt out on it or if tickets got too expensive when the economy wasn't great, or our kids were just too young.  However, we haven't been in a while and I was so excited when my mom said that she was going to buy tickets this year.  Colin and I, our boys, Jess, Cole and Emry, Katie, and mom and dad all went this year. It was every bit as good as I remembered.  We had AMAZING seats and really enjoyed the show.  There were about three or four arena records set last night so those were some fun go-rounds to watch.  I think my boys really enjoyed dressing up for the event too!  I think Dad has some more pictures so I'll post them when I can.