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Easter Morning

Easter baskets for the boys, Easter buckets for the mommy and daddy.

Ryan checking out his basket.
Spidey Pez
Chocolate Bunny
Hidden Eggs indoors, snow outside.
Evan hunting eggs.
Ryan searching for eggs.
A Jelly Bean
The final collection of eggs.
My sweet boys on Easter morning pre-sugar.


The boys are ready to dye their eggs.
Evan wastes no time dunking the eggs (and his hands right into the dye).

Ryan's excited at how quickly the eggs change color.

Testing out the "magic" crayon. I was quite impressed that he was able to write his name in crayon that he couldn't see! It came out really cute too.
The dye stayed on his hands for a couple of days. Next time I'll have to remember and not put the darkest colored dye right in front of him.
That blue dye sure made the eggs look pretty.

Daddy's helping apply the stickers to the eggs.

Why no Easter?

I took pictures on Easter. I haven't looked at them yet. I think they are cute.
So, why haven't I posted them yet?

Two reasons:
1. stomach flu (all four of us got it and I'm still trying to get caught up from it)
2. state reports (hours and hours of grading every single night)

Will try to post this weekend.

Love ya!