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Halloween 2017

Ryan was Jason and Evan was Foxy for Halloween this year.

No masks and no weapons means we make slight adjustments to costumes for school- or do what Ryan does, and just change it up completely! 

The boys' trick-or-treating group knocking on my door. 

Evan's loot

Ryan's haul 

 Ryan's Monster School

 Evan's class party 

Pumpkin Carving 2017

I took the boys and some friends to the Pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins for carving.  Then I made popcorn balls for the first time and invited the family over for carving pumpkins.  

Evan's Primary Program

Primary Program today! It’s the Sunday I look forward to every year. Those kids and their sweet testimonies and bright spirit filled up my soul today. Thanks @donna.mcnew and @bromacksparky for coming today.

Black Rock Canyon Drive