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November 2017

The rest from November.

Spent some time shopping at Scheels.  Colin bought a hat and of course I had to steal it from him.  

Evan passed off all his math facts and threw a pie in his teachers face as a reward! 

I painted my office.  I've always wanted to and I'm glad I did, I love it! 

I made a quilt for a cute baby. 

Finally went to lunch with Colin one day. 

The boys tried holding a lizard and decided it was way too fast! 

Thanksgiving with my family. 

Driving in the Taco

And of course, pack meeting! 

Utah State Capitol Tour

The boys and I took a tour of the Utah State Capitol on a beautiful day in November.  The kids were out of school and Ryan had one more thing left to do on his Citizenship merit badge so we went up to the capitol building and did a tour.  We waited and waited for a docent to show up but no one was around so we gave ourselves a tour!  The building is beautiful and it's full of great history about our state.